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Screenwriting Workshop at UCLA (April 21, 2014, International Movie Trailer Festival)

Sex, the New Frontier of US Cable Television (December 7, 2013, AP Story)

Suit Filed Against Warner Bros. in Screenplay Theft (October 11, 2013, The New York Times)

Screenwriters’ hard lessons of doing business in Hollywood (July 25, 2013, LA Times)

STORYWISE: Interview with Richard Walter (June 14, 2013, Jen Grisanti Podcast)

Lousy Ideas, Great Movies (May 24, 2013, Script Mag)

Screenwriters Need to Learn How to Lie Through Their Teeth (May 20, 2013, The Wrap)

Richard Walter Commentary: Liberal activist Jane Fonda angers veterans (April 2013, The O’Reilly Factor)

Movie audiences seek emotion, not data: Another view (February 21, 2013, USA Today)

In fact-based films, how much fiction is OK? (February 19, 2013, Chicago Sun Times Post-Tribune)

Should Screenwriters Go to Film School? Q&A with Richard Walter (December 2012,

From Leading Man to Someone’s Old Man (November 2012, Wall Street Journal)

Hollywood: The Best of Times, The Worst of Times (October 2012, Script

The Day Job Is the Writer’s Best Friend (June 2012, PitchFest)

Interview with Richard Walter (May 2012, Advice to Writers)

What’s More Important? Character or Story? (June 2012, Script

Screenwriting Podcast with Professor Richard Walter on Scriptcast! (May 2012, Script Dr. Eric)

Battleship Leads Attach of Game-Based Movies (April 2012, Associated Press)

The Heart of Hugo: Part I (February 2012, Screenwriting from Iowa)

Shit happens! Or my adventures with Delhi Belly (July 30, 2011, Tehelka)

Story is Everything – 7 Questions with UCLA Screenwriting Chairman (June 2011, Halogen

Can You Really Teach Screenwriting? (April 2011, Great American Pitchfest Newsletter)

Hollywood Trends: A Recipe for Frustration & Failure in the Movie Business (April 2011, Santa Barbara Writers Conference)

HBO’s Leftward Lurch (April 2011, The Daily Caller)

Award-Winning Words (Podcast Interview) (April 2011, Australian National Public Radio)

Great Gatsby? Great Scott, Baz (March 18, 2011, The Sydney Morning Herald)

Richard Walter: Screenwriting guru, expert and now mud crab lover! (March 15, 2011, Screen Hub Australia)

He’s the man to see for the write stuff (March 9, 2011, The Courier-Mail)

Richard Walter Australian Seminars (March 2, 2011, Metro Screen ENEWS Australia)

Storytelling Guru Gives Advice
(November 17, 2010, LA Valley Star)

How to Prepare for an Interview in Film Production?
(November 16, 2010, The Business Insider)

Biopic screenwriting Q&A with UCLA Screenwriting Dept. Chair, Richard Walter
(November 15, 2010,

THE SOCIAL NETWORK – Q &A with Richard Walter
(October 19. 2010, Our Man in Los Angeles)

Richard Walter at STORY 2010
(September 23, 2010, Tim Schraeder, Thoughts from a Church Communications Guy)

Richard Walter – STORY Session 3
(September 23, 2010, Josh

Book Review: Richard Walter – Essentials of Screenwriting
(September/October 2010, Written By – WGA – Available in print only)

Book Alert! Essentials of Screenwriting by Richard Walter
(September 9, 2010, Screenwriters League)

Breaking Out of the Coffee Shop, Office, Car …
(September 7, 2010, The Wrap)

The Day Job is The Writer’s Best Friend
(August 19, 2010, Our Man in Los Angeles)

Essentials of Screenwriting Q&A with Richard Walter
(August 8, 2010, Our Man in Los Angeles)

Interview With Author & UCLA Screenwriting Chair, Richard Walter, Part 2
(August 6, 2010 , The Last Reveal)

Interview With Author & UCLA Screenwriting Chair, Richard Walter, Part 1
(August 4, 2010 , The Last Reveal)

Interview with Richard Walter
(August 3, 2010,

The Ronn Owens Show – Interview with Richard Walter
(July 20, 2010, KGO Radio)

Guest Posting on Story & Character
(July 15, 2010, Go Into the Story)

An evening with the sage of screenwriting
(July 15, 2010, UCLA Today)

Stumbling and Bumbling Your Way to Success
(July 8, 2010, The Screenwriters League)

There’s No Success Like Failure
(July 7, 2010, The Wrap)

Essentials Scenes in Essential Movies
(July 7, 2010, It Is What It Is)

Q&A with Richard Walter
(July 6, 2010, Script Magazine)

Genre: Good Movies, Bad Movies
(July 6, 2010, Genre Hacks)

Richard Walter releases new screenwriting book
(June 30, 2010, UCLA Today)

Theater, film and television summer courses move online
(June 28, 2010, The Daily Bruin)

Adapting the Novel
(July 1, 2010, A Writer’s Life)

Writer’s Biggest Mistake: Paying Attention to Hollywood Trends
(June 21, 2010, The Wrap)

Richard Walter on Screenwriting
(May 19,

UCLA screenwriter encourages CSUF students during Comm Week
(April 28, 2010 Daily Titan – Cal State Fullerton)

Professor Richard Walter speaks on Screenwriting at Pomona
(April 15, 2010 The Student Life – Pomona)

Richard Discusses American Movie Icon Elvis Presley
(March 2008, Bill O’Reilly Show)

UCLA advocates for union loyalty
(November 7, 2007

Richard Walter, UCLA Spotlight
(October 23, 2006 UCLA Spotlight+)

Richard Walter, Da Vinci Code – Fact or Fiction?
(March 8, 2006, TODAY Show)

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