Hollywood film professor to spread American Dream to Chinese hopefuls

With relations between China and the United States strained, and the Beijing Olympics hard upon us, legendary UCLA film Professor Richard Walter travels to Xi’an, the ancient central capital, to lecture and consult with film artists and executives. How many times in history have we seen even the smallest of international overtures turn out to be world changing? Could Professor Walter’s tour herald the dawn of a new era of ping pong diplomacy? And who better to represent America?

The world renowned educator and media pundit, whose students pen Hollywood’s blockbusters and also key independent films and TV, is celebrated for his approach to dramatic narratives defining human identity and affirming life. Literally billions of people around the world have seen films written by his disciples. Walter is the guest of the Qujiang Industrial Group, the powerhouse Chinese media conglomerate with interest in film studios among other diverse enterprises. Leading movie mavens and moguls from all across the People’s Republic will gather for an entire week to study under Walter, whom Variety calls “…Hollywood’s hottest professor.” “Among films made outside the United States,” Walter says, “one in ten is shown outside the country of its origin, while all American films are shown outside the country of their origin. I hope to explain to the Chinese why that is the case. My goal is to propagandize on behalf of the American dream, and sweetly to corrupt Asian writers in the Hollywood way.”

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