Who Owns the English Language? And, Who Gave Up Its Rights to the RIGHT?

The Joy Behar Show recently interviewed Star Trek’s George Takei, who in 2008 married his partner in California, before the Prop 8 ban on same sex marriage in a clip that can be viewed here. As the show’s blog describes, “In this clip, Takei reacts to today’s news that a federal judge ruled to allow same-sex couples to marry in California, starting on August 18.”

This was ironic for me to watch as I worked with George Takei forty years ago on a Jerry Lewis picture! The problem with the left, with progressives, with liberals, is that they’ve given away the English language to the right. They should be talking not of gay marriage but equal marriage. They should speak not of pro abortion versus pro life but pro choice versus forced pregnancy. They should not tacitly accept that there is a conflict between evolution and the Bible but assert instead that Genesis, the first book of the Bible, is a description of evolution. Could not an all-knowing, all-powerful Ruler of the Universe have created the world in one fell swoop? God did not. Instead, according to scripture, She chose to let life on earth evolve through stages. Isn’t that precisely what Genesis preaches?

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