Monthly Screenwriting Tips from Richard Walter: HOLLYWOOD: THE BEST OF TIMES, THE WORST OF TIMES!

I have long preached that there are no trends in screenwriting. What’s the trend today? Vampires are already so last year. If, just for the sake of argument, we could actually identify a particular trend, it would be too late to cash in on that trend simply because it is the trend. To become the trend it would have had to be in the works for at least a couple of years. By the time you write a script following the blockbuster weekend of a romantic comedy with record sales, the trend is over.

That said however, there is in fact a trend, and is the only trend. It has prevailed since the time of Aristotle and will continue to dictate what audiences see centuries from now. That trend is: story. For creators of fresh, arresting, engaging stories the sky is the limit. There has never been a better time for story tellers to enter the movie and media market. Thanks to the new technologies, now more than ever the storytellers – the writers – are in charge.

– Richard Walter

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