Richard Walter is the best screenwriting teacher in the business.

- David Koepp, screenwriter & director
with over 2 billion dollars in U.S. box office receipts from Jurassic Park, Spider-Man, War of the Worlds, Mission: Impossible, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and more.


Here is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to train with the world's most accomplished screenwriting educator. The class tuition of $1,650 guarantees you a seat in our next class. Questions? Contact class organizer Kathy Berardi at or 678.644.4122.

Are you....

distracted by life's interference with your writing?
stuck in a creative space and unable to invent engaging stories?
struggling with self doubt?
suffering from analysis paralysis?

You hold in your hand right now the key to screenwriting success.

Richard Walter

Richard Walter is an author of bestselling fiction and nonfiction, a screenwriter, and former tenured full professor, and interim and associate dean, at UCLA where he led the graduate screenwriting program for forty years.

He is offering an online, real-time, limited-enrollment screenwriting webinar--a 6-week program that takes participants step by step from idea, to draft, to studio deal.

Class meets weekly for ninety minutes over a six week period, alive, that is, online with your instructor.

Here's what we'll cover:

Class 1

The two most fundamental principles 1. Writing the personal story
2. Delivering story and character freight through the process I call "integration."
This is a foolproof, shock-proof, waterproof, bulletproof formula for professional screenwriting success.

Class 2

Story structure and the biology of narrative. Screenwriting success is not about ideas but stories.

Class 3

Character Story defines character, not the other way around. Engaging characters are not created so much as discovered.

Class 4

Talk is cheap; dialogue is precious. Worthy writers treat dialogue as only another form of action.

Class 5

The reader's back-flip A catalogue of techniques for transforming your script into A page-turner. Also a catalogue of common errors that wreck screenplays.

Class 6

The Biz: How to win representation In this myth-busting session you'll see that it's actually easy to win the attention of agents. What's hard is having a screenplay that is worthy of their consideration. You'll understand why brand new writers actually have an advantage over those with substantial professional experience. When scripts fail to sell it is not the end but only the beginning. We'll explore the bounty of benefits that accrue from the screenplay that has not yet sold.

Richard Walter is a prominent film expert.

- The New York Times

The prime broker for Hollywood's hottest commodity: new writing talent.

- The Wall Street Journal

Richard Walter is the Jewish Mother of Screenwriting.

- Variety

Writers who do not enroll in time will be placed on the waiting list for the next program, whenever it may be offered.

If you're serious about your writing you'll invest $1,650 for this up-close and personal career-building experience.

Richard Walter

Richard Walter is a novelist and author of best-selling fiction and nonfiction, celebrated storytelling educator, screenwriter, script consultant, lecturer and recently retired Professor and Associate and Interim Dean of the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television where, for more than forty years, he chaired the graduate program in screenwriting. He has written scripts for the major studios and television networks, including the earliest drafts of American Graffiti; lectured on screenwriting and storytelling and conducted master classes throughout North America as well as London, Paris, Jerusalem, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Beijing, Shanghai, Sydney and Hong Kong.

He is also a pop culture commentator, blogger and media pundit who has made numerous appearances on The Today Show, The O’Reilly Factor, Hardball with Chris Matthews, ABC Primetime, Scarborough Country and CBS News Nightwatch, among many other high-profile national television programs. More than a hundred newspaper and magazine articles have been published about him and the program he directed at UCLA.